What if Overwhelm and Distraction are signs to look in a New Direction

Do you know who you are without the job you have or the role you spend so much time at every day?

Hundreds of emails, phone calls, unending texts along with a barrage of news that is unsettling to most of us. 

It is a recipe for distraction and disconnection.

While I was talking to a friend this weekend, I felt like I was talking to a younger version of myself twenty-five years ago.

They are very busy in work and family and has a hard  time saying no to community opportunities. Their schedule is filled minute by minute.

I remember that being my life.

What I thought was normal was an eighty hour work week, working all day, getting on a red eye flight to get across the country for next day meetings, then home for the weekend to fulfill volunteer commitments.

This is who I thought I was. My work defined me. 

Does this sound familiar to you?  Is this your life?

It did not occur to me that overwhelm and discomfort were signals that I might look in a new direction that was more nurturing and satisfying.

Only when I left that job and I literally collapsed from exhaustion, did I look toward a new path.

If this is your life, I encourage you to download my new cheatsheet “Life Questions To Ask.”

You can download it here for free (No email required).

Maybe it’s time for you to see what a self-nurturing life might look like.

All my best.


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Howard Parsons