Your History Does Not Have To Be Your Destiny

Your History Does Not Have To Be Your Destiny


The myth we were presented with and taught as kids was that our lives would unfold in a linear way if we followed the path outlined for us. 

We were told we needed to get an education, get to university and then possibly a graduate degree then get out working so we could make money, get married, have a family with the eventual result of a retirement in which we could have fun.  How has it been working out?


We all learned life is not a linear journey even though we worked hard to make it one. In fact, there have been many turns in your road. In my case some of those turns included the early death of my mother, a divorce and smashing up my ankle so that it had to be rebuilt.

 In every experience, I had applied what I had learned and how I had been taught to think, which was to buckle down in  the tough times and get back on track. The linear track was a delusion from the start. 

Your training early in life has affected your way of thinking about life’s experiences. Like all of us, you have adapted to circumstances using the thought processes you were taught.

I remember well my decision to go to university with no idea what I would do when I came out with a degree.  When I went into business studies, I thought I had it figured out. I would get my degree and join  a company with a view to moving into management. 

 Eventually, the golden ring was an executive position with an international company.  The price was paid in the form of my health. After ten years of stress, I had to leave that position. Another turn in the road not expected.

Are you aware of how your training and adaptation to situations has had you take a certain path?

Do you spend time alone reflecting on your life path? 

Education researcher Denise Pope says, the question is not so much, “What do I want to do.” As “Who or how do I want to be.” 

Kerwin Rae, an Australian entrepreneur, says, “Change your thoughts, change your beliefs, change your stories, change your life.”

Science is now proving that we can change our thought patterns which result in changes to our life path. You have the choice to change the way you approach life. 

Your history does not have to be your destiny. 

You have the choice to let your history dictate how you live your life going forward, which becomes a way of living from default.

Given that you know your life is a wandering path, you have the choice to determine how you react to those turns in the road. 

What resources do you need to change your thoughts and therefore change your life? 

Do you want to change any aspect of your life?

If you wrote an essay about what the best day of your life looked and felt like, what would you say?

Research has shown when we are facing change we can become more resilient when we undertake the change process with support.

With this in mind, I’m opening up two spots for one on one coaching with me aimed at those who want to start understanding their adaptive patterns and the affect they have and who want to authentically change their life. 

Ready to do the work with me?

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