Do You Want Better Relationships?

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Do you ever wonder how you got to where you are? You’ve lived your life in the best way you know how and have handled one situation after the other to the best of your ability.


 Sometimes I think someone has been looking out for me to bring me to where I am today. How cancer was taking over my body and through excellent care, coming to today with good health. Certainly, there is good fortune in our lives and we can be grateful.

Now here we are on the cusp of another transition. The old ways of thinking and behaving don’t work anymore. There is new science to help us learn a new way not only to cope but to thrive in this new reality of a chaotic busy world.

Like me, perhaps you’re grateful for all that you’ve accomplished and the life you’ve created but wonder how you’ll handle life experiences in the years to come.

The answer, I’ve discovered, is neuroscience with a heart centred awareness.

 I know this sounds heavy but hang in here with me. 

There are two parts to this new science.  First, living in the new reality is to realize the potential and power of your brain. Your brain is malleable and open to change. Your past experiences, particularly while growing up, have had a huge influence on how you think, how you feel and how you behave.  For many years we all believed that these past experiences hard wired our brains and we couldn’t change what we had learned. The big discovery is this is not true.

 The neural connections in your brain are able to be changed by you and therefore change your outcomes. This is leading-edge science that is taking us to the next level.

Second, scientific research has proven the intelligence and the role your heart plays in all the living you do. Your heart is an intelligent centre of knowledge and wisdom and it is in constant communication with your brain. 

You have more control and personal power than you ever thought.  Science is on your side proving it. You can have clear thinking, more awareness and live happier when you understand and apply the new science. 

You have the ability to tap into the extraordinary intelligence of your heart. Your heart is waiting for you to connect.

It is without a doubt a turning point in our history that changes and improves relationships and success. 

You don’t have to wait to take advantage of this new science. It is available to you now.

 If you’d like to get started and learn more, just download my free guide, “Train Your Brain.” You can download it here. 

I give you an outline of what is possible. If you want more happiness, more success and more fulfillment give “Train Your Brain a trial run.

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Howard Parsons