How Do You Know You Are In Relationship With A Narcissist?


How do you know you are in relationship with a narcissist.

Narcissists are controllers so if you are in a relationship with a narcissist  you will become aware that you know something is wrong but have trouble  putting your finger on it. That is because narcissists are experts at manipulation and control.

Here’s some of what you might be noticing and feeling: 

  1. You feel like whatever you say is wrong. They will tell you one thing one day and another the next. They will tell you that what you think you heard was wrong and will give you a new story.  Their objective is to keep you off balance.

  2. They will blame you for everything.

  3. Your self confidence will be at an all time low because you don’t feel you have a voice.

  4. They engage in gas-lighting which is a form of manipulation causing you to doubt yourself which results in you not knowing what is real.

  5. They will engage in lies and exaggerations of situations to make themselves look good. 

  6. You and others will be a primary target of their aggressive behaviour and anger if you choose to criticize them.

Ultimately a relationship with a narcissist will destroy your self-confidence and your thinking will be clouded. 

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Howard Parsons