Challenge Yourself and Focus to get Unstuck

Life is a blur to most of us as the days pass with heavy workloads at home and at work. The challenge of just getting through the day can feel like a tough slog. The focus of the day is to look toward the end of it.
The lack of courage displayed and not used is not because you don’t have it. It is because the day does not call for it.

Maslow said there are three things we humans crave.  We crave safety, belonging and mattering to someone or something where we are acknowledged for our contribution.


I know this story well. I gave my time, my life and my energy for years travelling the world for a corporation because I thought I was making a contribution. I was letting life take me on a ride instead of me taking charge of my life experiences.  There was a belief within me that I belonged, as I traded my talents for rewards. 
The addiction to seeking rewards from the outside left me with the delusion that outside rewards can nurture and nourish my insides.

I did not realize I continually set safe goals within the boundaries of what I thought was called for. It was a strategy that considered the external circumstances ahead of what I wanted most. 

Today, it is time for a different strategy. A willingness to fail so that I can succeed. You must transform your thinking and behaviour to take on the goals in life that will make it nourishing and jaw-dropping. 

It is what I am on track for this year. I wonder if maybe it is what you want too.

What are you trading your life energy for today? 

 Do you feel safe in your world?

 Do you feel as though you belong?

 Are you mattering to your family and community?

 These are evaluative questions you can take some time to answer for yourself.  The answers will give you a perspective on whether you are stuck in a rut of the same old, same old or you are challenging yourself to live the life you have always wanted.

It takes focus and courage to get out of a pattern that repeats itself daily and does not nourish your well-being.

If you want to challenge yourself to a new level of nourishment, passion, andhappiness you must call on your focus and your courage.

  1. Do something you have never done before. This challenges your brain to make new connections. I love this one because the unknown path is the path of discovery.

  2. Face your fear of stepping into something new.  Fear is based on history. It does not have any way of connecting to your future. It only relies on past experience to keep you in the same rut.

  3. Be courageous in getting in touch with your intuition. It is a powerful part of you that can wake up to take you forward. When you listen to your heart and gut (Intuition) you cannot go wrong.

To move into a new life you need a plan. It is hard to do it alone.  One place you could start is to create a blueprint for your journey to a jaw-dropping life that has you focussed and nourished.

It is your time. It is your life. So I want you to join me as you focus your courage and set your course for a jaw-dropping life.

All my Best

Howard, Transforming your life to be Focussed,

Engaged and Irresistibly Jaw-Dropping

Howard Parsons