There Are two Forces At Work

There Are Two Forces At Work

Love and Fear

In your life, you have both.

Depending on your tradition when you were growing up you learned and experienced one of these forces at work in your family more than the other.

Mine was fear. 

Today, with all your experience and skills you may still have more attachment to one or the other.

In particular, this happens when you are put on a new path you do not know. This may be the result of career loss, relationship loss or health.

In any case, even with all the knowledge, you have fear shows itself to prevent you from moving ahead.

When the path is unknown fear is a familiar feeling because it is accessing your historical experience.  Fear has no capability to assist with your future.

When the egotistical leader throws fear into the crowd there is a curling up and a withdrawal. No one wants to venture into the ring of fire with fear awake in them. It stops you cold.

To burst through the illusory screen of fear is to gain a foothold to your future. You must move on in the face of fear. To stay is to ferment like compost.


The other force of nature available to you is love.

Love is unconditional.  

Your heart is the centre of love. It is a powerhouse of feelings, intelligence and knowing.

When you open your heart to its essential nature you see and feel what is possible in your world. 

Your heart is willing to give and share rather than take.

This is a vulnerable position for you because you show your authenticity and your weaknesses.

Your non-perfection is available for all to see and that in itself is self-love power because you do not try to hide it.

Love lives in you first and foremost and then is directed out into the world in service to others and becomes a formidable force. 

Here is how to awaken your Heart love:

  1. Acceptance. You acknowledge your history, circumstances and experiences with an attitude of openness and willingness to accept.

  2. Gratitude. Be grateful for everything and everyone on this planet because you are a part of a massive ecosystem that sustains life.

  3. Trust. When you trust your knowing, the answer will always guide you on the right path.

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