Three Things I Learned When I Twisted My Knee

Three things I learned When I twisted My Knee

Whenever something weird happens in my life, particularly a physical injury, I take the time to figure out what is going on.

It is important to me because being active physically and mentally I wanted to figure out what happened

Those of you who have a dog know the pooch needs to get out for a walk a few times a day.

I love walking, so taking Toby for a walk is okay with me. We average about two hundred km a month. 

There is something to become aware of when you are injured.

What I learned:

1. Being the victim plays well with the ego because the internal dialogue is loud and clear. That was stupid. You are dumb. How could you be so careless? 

You are all familiar with the internal critic.  I knew I had to take back control. Our brains respond to pain by the signals that come from the injured area. Old patterns from the past show up again. 

    I knew I must change the critical voice by changing my thoughts.

    I re-envisioned my feelings and self-talk. 

Then I practiced during my quiet time several times a day.

When we play the victim, it is our choice. I chose not to be a victim but a chooser.

2. When life is going well, pay attention. There is a concept called your "Upper Limit." You are feeling good, happy, and excited about your experience, as I was the other day. Then you are overcome by fear, worry, and doubt or in my case, have an accident and hurt yourself. Self-sabotage is what happens. It is the patterns in your brain, registering danger because something has changed. Your brain has the wiring to keep you safe, and when "danger" shows up, it tries to return you to a "safe" state.

The price you pay for inattention to where you are and what you are doing is an injury. 

3. The same looking movie does not have to have the same ending. 

    Have you ever been in a situation which looked familiar and you said to yourself gees this sounds like the movie I've been in before.

    It may look the same, but it does not have to end the same.

    You get to make up a new ending.

    In the past, when I have injured myself,  I would go into isolation.

    Not this time.

I got into my health helpers right away, I took two days off yoga then went back to class and after three days started walking the dog again. Slowly mind you, but still out there.

Your brain responds to stimulus and action that create new patterns for it to follow. 

You must choose this path for your brain to get the message. 

Then everything changes.

I'm collecting stories on hitting your Upper Limit. If you would like to send me your story, I promise not to share any personal details. 

What I'm interested in is how you shifted into a more positive mode.  Click here to send me your story


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P.S. Download this quick cheat sheet on how to change your brain when you hit your upper limit.