Have You Ever Felt Like you Are Suffering?

It is a condition of being human that we have suffered and will suffer.

But hey, this is not a negative message!

We all have unique histories we carry around with us. It’s in that backpack you have on but can’t feel. 

Your history is a book of stories, stored in your brain and attached to emotions to be recalled when current experiences call for it.

There is a part of you that has access to your old file drawers, and when circumstances occur, the emotions rise up like a volcano erupting.

Unconsciously, your reactions are like those of a kid way back when.

Only now, you are an adult and feel the stomach-churning, bowel loosening fear that comes with ill health, career chaos, or relationship explosion.

Your nervous system gives you three options to deal with the chaos: Fight, Flight, or freeze.  It does not have any other strategies. 

Don’t despair!

You are being guided by the power of the universe to take a look at what the heck is going on.

Lucky thing you can create more options than were previously available.

However, to do so, you must step up to the challenge. Rather than being a victim become a warrior.

Here is how a warrior handles the fantastic opportunity of transition you have been given :

1. Lean into the challenge with gratitude and energy. Promise yourself you will get the help you need to figure out what is going on and do it pronto!

2. Meditate. You must have quiet time to be aware of how you feel and how you are reacting from history, not present circumstances.

3. Acknowledge your situation. Then ask for help and guidance from people you trust. If you keep fighting with the circumstance, you keep them alive and keep yourself chained to the past.

4. Accept where you are. Take inventory emotionally and physically and accept your reality without judgment.

5. Give thanks for this opportunity. You are being given a chance to create something more robust and abundant than ever before. However, you need support, so reach out with grace and humility.

6. Read, study, and pay attention. Do what you need to do to bring positive vibes into your experience. Listen to great speakers on video or audio.  In other words, change your energy.

7. This is not an external journey. This is an internal journey that is based on your history. Remember the voice of the past is creating anxiety and, it has NO way to help you with your future. It can only access past patterns and react from them.

8. Get into a state of Non-Judgement. There is no right or wrong. This time of suffering is a fantastic gift to you. Use it wisely.

9. Open Your heart. New solutions require new attitudes, strategies, and ideas. 

You are a human being who is becoming a light in the world. It is up to you to CHOOSE it. 

No-one can do it for you, but all of us are willing to help if you ask.

Drop me a line. I’d love to hear how you are handling your suffering and expanding it into the new form of your life. Click here to contact me.

All my best
Change Your Thoughts...Change Your Life Coaching

Howard Parsons