Embrace All That You Have

Embrace all that you have and the answers show up


Embrace All That You Have

Embrace All That You Have

My garden is in full bloom. It is a delight to sit on the deck and admire the work my precious wife has done to nurture these beautiful plants so they can bloom to their fullest.

Gratitude is in my soul, accepting all that I have in my life, including the sensitive parts, the worrying parts, and the flowing parts. They are all part of me. They are to be acknowledged and accepted for they are me at this moment.

Deepak Chopra says, “Everything you’ve always looked for has ALWAYS been within you.”

It is a simple statement to say accept all that is in your life, EVERY LITTLE BIT OF IT, including the pain and suffering. Alas, it does not seem as easy to take it as such. However, when you surrender to the unknown path you are on, then the answers can be revealed to you.

Life transition is a gateway to your future.  No way to go back to the way it was and not seeing what the path looks for going forward.

It is a sacred time calling for gratitude for all that you have in your life. (If you are breathing right now, be grateful!). It is also a time of patience.

When you are making bread, there is a time the dough must rest to rise before it is ready. It is the transition time to the next stage of life.

In this phase of your life, you need some tools to help.

1.  Discipline. You must design and engage in a daily ritual that brings you joy, deep awareness of your life, and deep connection to your essential self.

2.  Gratitude. If you bring appreciation to every little bit of your life today, the transition to your new life will be smoother

3.  Release. As you let go of old resentments, habits that do not serve you, people that do not support you and grandiose thoughts you clear the path for new ideas to come to you.

You used to operate with the question, “What will I do?”

It is an old question that is no longer relevant.

Now your question is, “Who will I be?”

All my best