Do not Give To Your Heart That Which Does Not Satisfy Your Heart*

Do Not Give Your Heart to That Which Does Not Satisfy Your Heart*

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You will know this from your internal reactions to the events in your life. The feelings may be subtle, but they are there for you to notice.

The connection is the energy you put out and the energy you take in. The impact on your body, mind, and heart are dramatic. 

 What you eat, what you say, what you post on social media and everything else has consequences in your life.

Every action you take in your life has consequences.In the centre of your life is your heart. 

This magnificent, automatic, and sensitive organ keeps you alive without any judgment.  Over a year it will beat for you about 48,000,000 times! 

You might say it is well worthwhile paying some attention to your heart.

What do we mean when we talk about your heart and its nourishment?

First, you need to know when you are in touch with the rhythm of your heart.

When your heart rhythm is at a vibration, you can feel, you know you are in touch with something or someone special.

I am sure you have had this experience at some time in your life. Reflect on a time when you just knew you were doing the right thing. That is an example of being in touch with your heart’s rhythm.

It is your deeper knowing and sensing that has you know your heart is satisfied and nourished.

When you eat, your taste buds are aflame with the flavours while your stomach processes the contents to satisfy your need for survival and sustainability.

To involve yourself in living in a way that satisfies your heart is a serious undertaking. Do not take it lightly because your heart is a powerful messenger of messages and vibrations to your body and your essential self (soul). 

Practice knowing when you are in resonance with your heart:

When you are considering a decision, ask to be guided by your heart’s voice.

Be aware of how you feel and react to whatever you are doing. Through awareness, you can feel the warm feelings in your body and heart. You can also sense when things are out of alignment.

Make a list of five things you love to do. Then do them. When you undertake this exercise, notice how engaged you are in the wholeness of your body, both physical and emotional. 

Your heart will open energetically to that which you love, and you will know it.

I’d love to hear from you as to how you are doing.

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