You Are Responsible For Loving What Is Important To You

There are some people who would say at my age of 73 I am in the sunset of my life and should find a good old age home to sleep out the rest of my days.

Nope not for me folks!

My dream in this third act is live from knowing I am responsible for creating what is important to me and share the experiences that are inspiring me to create new dreams and a new vision of my life.

This has been a time of a reinvention of my life with a clarity that comes from asking key questions. Now each day is full of possibility with me making choices …and it is exciting and energizing!

Imagine for a moment that the decisions you make, the people you hang out with and the way you take care of yourself are yours to design and act upon to create the life you want. You are responsible for the choices you make. 
That rocks!

So, today as part of my dream, I am starting a podcast in which I share some of what I’ve learned.  

In today’s podcast I’m sharing with you the three conditions with which I will live the rest of my life.  

I also talk about love and what it means to me. That’s because recently, once again, I was reminded that our lives are about love. 

That doesn’t mean stuff never happens or turns in the river of your life are not hard.  

In the present moment, for me, it’s also about having conversations that matter.

Are you interested in deeper conversations?

Would it be of benefit to you to share your stories, your loves and your passions with others who are here to listen to you?

Well, have a listen to my podcast today and see what you think.

I’m opening the doors to my life and to conversations that matter to both of us.

Drop me a line I’d love to hear from you if you are interested in conversations that matter to you.

All my Best