The Path Is Not Straight

The path is not straight 

While in Chartres, France, I have had the opportunity to walk the ancient Labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral, which was completed around 1245.

 The Labyrinth is open for public use from time to time although it is reported to have been covered up for many years because the use of it was forbidden. Even today it is often covered with chairs for people attending church services.

Given this unique opportunity, I decide to use my walk on the Labyrinth as a journey.

The Labyrinth has four quadrants through which you wander back and forth through a series of twists and turns eventually reaching the goal of arriving in the center.

Once at the center, it is a place to give thanks and to be grateful for the journey.

The Labyrinth symbolizes our life journey. It is not a straight line.

At times it appears you are close to the centre, and you think, “ah, I’m almost there.” Then the twists and turns take you out to the furthest edge where you must renew your commitment to your journey.

One thing is certain. If you maintain your commitment to the path and allow the turns in your journey to teach you patience, persistence, and acceptance, then you will, at some point, come to the centre.

When you arrive at the centre you can’t help but feel the joy of completing this part of your journey.

Then there is returning home, to where you started. Now you are required once again, to take the path out through the twists and turns. This may feel like hardship unless you hold your intention for your life.

Intention, awareness, and acceptance hold the key to your life. You must choose your intention each day so as not to get lost in the busyness that will overtake you. 

Be joyful for the Labyrinth of your life today. You are being led to your destination one step at a time, ultimately to arrive at your joyful place.

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Howard Parsons