From busy corporate executive travelling the world to teaching thousands the successful path through a life-changing transformation.

Before I started my own company and:

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  • Offered face to face classes to thousands of men and women

  • Created courses that taught the concepts and skills of living a jaw-dropping life

I thought of myself as an important corporate executive named, Howard J Parsons, travelling North America in support of the goals of a multi-national. It was all about following someone else’s game plan, leaving my priorities at the door. In time, the effort was too much to sustain and I knew it was time to move on.

Personal Development, Inspiration & Perspiration 

It was a scary time when my wife and I decided to open our own practice and offer courses to our clients.

However, what I have learned is that when you go into the unknown you open a door to new learning and ways of behaving.

Over the years I have worked with several thousand people going through a life transformation. They went from situations that they had become accustomed to, even though they were not healthy situations, to stepping onto the unknown path of creating a new life. This we have learned is the focal point of creativity.

When these times come in our life as they always will, it is the time to open to new perspectives, new ideas and new skills to create the life you want. Your brain is a powerful mechanism that plays a huge part in your transformation.

I have done that through understanding the unknown path is the place of creativity, learning and welcoming unexpected gifts when you follow your heart.

If you would like to learn how to create a jaw-dropping life with Howard, just click here and download my powerful guide “Change Your Thoughts…Change Your Life” to get you started.